Living From Your Soul by Jeffrey Douglas


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Executive and Workplace Coaching

Are you wanting to see more care and respect at work where qualities of trust, healthy communication and inclusion characterize your work environment?

Do you value resolving conflicts in a way that not only takes care of the issue but also brings people closer to one another?

Do you want to learn new ways of dealing with difficult personalities that are significantly affecting a team or critical relationship?

Are you seeing how emotional safety is directly related to  resiliency, stress, innovation, productivity and team work?

This has been my focus for the past 34 years. I offer individual coaching, organizational consultation and retreats for developing the best kind of working relationships. I consult with leaders, managers and their teams. Sessions can be in person, by phone, off site or on site.

I specialize in the following areas:

*Learning to Love Yourself at Work
*How to Be and Feel Emotionally Safe at Work
*Learning How to Listen to the Hidden Call of  Difficult Personalities to Create Harmony
*Healing the Workplace Hurts That Separate
*Learning from the Journey of Losing Yourself to Find Yourself at Work
*How to Find Your Center When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed by Workplace Pressure and Stress: Learn to Use Your Early Warning System Before It Becomes Overwhelming
*When You Can't Talk About What You Really Need to Talk About
*How to Make it Safe to Talk About Difficult Topics

e-mail: jeffrey@livingfromyoursoul.com 
phone: 208-667-8387

“When I touched my Soul to help me make a decision or to move forward, I work in the way you describe--- with synchronicity, intuition, balance of effort, creativity, sense of connection and meaning, and flow. Even today, I touched my Soul to prioritize work. It led me to a project that I knew would connect me with another person, would make a personal difference and would be long lasting. There would be creativity, enjoyment and flow. It worked exactly as I thought. I like what I am discovering!”

- Paul


“This work is profound. I realize that coming from my Soul impacts everything and how much misery and suffering gets created by not understanding this truth.”

- Linda

Jeffrey Douglass, MSW, CSW- author of the recently published book, “Living from Your Soul”, is a licensed counselor and executive coach, integrating spirituality and psychology for the past 34 years. He offers individual and couples counseling [also by phone], retreats, workplace coaching and telecourses to live a fuller life.

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