Living From Your Soul by Jeffrey Douglas


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Are you looking for a retreat that inspires you with new ways of seeing life and work? A place where you can discover yourself anew and find solutions to current issues? A time to feel connected again to all that is and to remember the peace and joy that is always there? Does it make a difference to you if  retreats are in beautiful natural settings and you have reflective time in nature? Do you want a leader who knows how to inspire and empower each participant according to their unique path? Would you also like to meet kindred spirits?

If this resonates with you, please join us in a retreat. You can choose between one day, two day and four day retreats in various parts of the country. There are also retreats offered in Jeffrey's home towns of  beautiful Coeur d' Alene, Idaho and Sedona, Arizona where the land is considered sacred to many Native Americans and others. You can also host a retreat where you live or work.

Retreats are a combination of presentation, experiential exercises, sharing, discussion, meditation, sacred music, walks in nature and silent times for reflection. There is a great sense of joy and excitement that builds as participants experience breakthroughs and share their new found freedom. It soon becomes evident that this is a safe space to be yourself and to receive support with what is currently most important to you. An intrinsic honoring and respect for each person's contribution makes for rich exchanges. A deepening sense of connection to oneself and others fills our gatherings as we do the  experiential exercises  together and slow down the pace of life to behold what lies just underneath the surface of our busy lives. The retreats are truly a celebration of who we are and the limitless, unfolding possibilities of life.

Retreat on Learning to Love Yourself Unconditionally: The kind of relationship you have with yourself largely determines the quality of your life. When Love is your foundation, then there is harmony within and and peace without. Yet it is often the most difficult relationship in which to feel love and compassion. Learn how to experience self-love that is without condition, circumstance or person. Enter the mystery of Love's very practical power to move you beyond limitation, fear and struggle in everyday life. Click here to read more.

Couples Retreats: Move beyond the present limitations of what seems possible in your relationship by healing old wounds, learning new skills and experiencing breakthroughs  into greater intimacy, partnership, and joy. These retreats are highly beneficial for old and new couples, couples in crisis and couples in love; committed couples of all ages, backgrounds and gender preferences. Click here to read more.

Executive Coaching Retreat: Learn to lead from the larger Self and experience less stress, better communication, greater trust, a deeper sense of purpose and overall satisfaction. These retreats are highly beneficial for mid level managers, executives and board members who are in crisis, interested in leadership development and/or improving relationships at work. Click here to read more.

Team Retreat:  Learn how to create more care and respect at work where qualities of trust,  effective  communication and inclusion characterize your environment. Find out how to resolve conflicts in a way that not only takes care of the issue but also brings people closer to one another. Click here to read more.

 Call or e-mail now for assistance at 208-667-8387 or jeffrey@livingfromyoursoul.com


" It was a wonderful break from the “having to do something” spirituality type teachings. Jeff is a compassionate teacher with a wealth of skills and depth of knowledge. He is also fun. His excellent listening and facilitator skills are evident from the start. I believe this is a retreat you won’t want to miss. "

- Linda 

"I have had a great transformation in my life since the retreat ... I am at a very wonderful place in my life right now and have everything in the future to look forward to with great anticipation.  I know that my life will continue to get better and better, healthier and healthier and even more filled with peace, kindness and compassion... thank you to you for getting me started on my path to bringing out my true self more than ever before." 

- Mark

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