Have you been on a spiritual and personal growth path and feel something missing? Do the spiritual practices and ideas you have been exposed to seem interesting but unnecessarily complicated and elaborate? Do you feel let down at times by all the effort you put into “seeking”  God because you only occasionally experience a taste of the divine?

I felt this too and it is what prompted me to write “Living from Your Soul”. What is in this book is not a belief system, a religion or another spiritual practice to overcome your mind. Nor is it “working on yourself” to become the person you think you should be. However, it can enrich and deepen all of these approaches.  It is simply experiencing your Soul, essence or divine self as a result of intention and gentle queries. A shift in consciousness occurs that is not possible in “goal directed” spirituality that has an idea of enlightenment in mind.  Instead, your Soul is revealed and remembered  in an effortless unfoldment. It is discovering and living from the fullness of your being.

Living From Your Soul by Jeffrey Douglas


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“This is not just a book to read-this book needs to be engaged.”  

- June

“Thank you for writing such and amazing and important book. What you went through is similar to what I have been going through. I plan to read the book several times to let it 'sink in'. Already I am feeling more like myself and I cannot believe the feeling of peace that has come over me!”

- Shelley

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