Living From Your Soul by Jeffrey Douglas


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Counseling - Spokane Valley, Washington

I have been a therapist offering counseling to Spokane Valley for the past 12 years. Hundreds of individuals and couples have benefited from meeting with me. Most of my Spokane Valley clients are referred to me because they are a friend of someone who recommends me, or by health care professionals and clergy who value my expertise, experience and way of being with people. Also, when I have provided business consultation and team building to local businesses or done retreats in the area, people have followed up with further meetings. Not only do I hear about helpful counseling is but I also receive comments about the how much they appreciate the beautiful trees and quiet setting that help make my office in Coeur d' Alene a perfect place for healing.

Call my Coeur d' Alene office at 613 S. Dollar St. or or e-mail  now for a therapist at 208-667-8387 or jeffrey@livingfromyoursoul.com Read more.




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