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Executive Coaching Retreat: Leading from your Best Self

These individual retreats are designed as a time out to give you the space, safety and support to renew, to restore and to deepen your gifts as a leader. From your regained sense of purpose and meaningfulness, along with new insights and awakened inner resources, current issues and goals will then be addressed through the lens of the larger self.

Your retreat focus will be determined by your current needs, business opportunities, challenges and vision. Goals will include developing new communication skills and discovering better ways to deal with key people who are difficult to work with. You will also learn how to build trust where it is needed and powerful and effective ways to  heal betrayal.  You will become more conscious and aware of the key factors that create successes or failures in your business and personal relationships. This retreat is designed to give you opportunities  from new and expanded perspectives. You will be able to experience yourself as others do more congruently than ever before.

The retreats are most effective when combined with phone sessions before and after.

Jeffrey specializes in the following areas:

  • Identify key success factors in Business and personal relationship issues
  • How to Create Emotional Safety at Work
  • How to Build Trust and Heal Betrayal
  • How to Make it Safe to Talk About Difficult Topics
  • Compassion at Work: Answering the Hidden Call of  Difficult Personalities
  • Healing the Workplace Hurts That Accumulate Over time and Cause Separation
  • Navigating the Universal Journey of Losing Yourself and Finding Yourself at Work
  • How to Stay Centered When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed by Pressure and Stress

This will help you assimilate and integrate what you have and meaningful learning so that you can move forward with greater ease, confidence and purpose.   

 Call or e-mail now for assistance at 208-667-8387 or jeffrey@livingfromyoursoul.com


"I have found Jeffrey to be extremely effective in helping me deal with relationship issues both within my own company as well as others with whom I lead seminars, coach and consult. I have worked with many people in an advisory capacity over the years and have found Jeffrey to be unsurpassed in the depth and breadth of his skills as well as in his amazing intuitive ability. He is a resource I will always keep in my life."

- Susan Hastings



"Then intuitiveness, skills and experience that Jeffrey offers is unsurpassed! He has guided, coached and given me tools that I use on a daily basis in my business and personal relationships. He motivates me to become a better person, leader and manager."

- Mary Brady
Manager of Systems and Programing
BOCES Central New York Regional Information Center
Syracuse, NY





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