Living From Your Soul by Jeffrey Douglas


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Learning to Love Yourself Unconditionally

“All know that the drop merges into the ocean but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.”  Kabir    

Learn how to remove the negative self-talk to sense, hear and experience the Self-Love that simply Is. A Love always there without condition and beyond circumstance or person.

Jeffrey has called this your 7th Sense. It is the most important of all, yet, the least understood and used. Move beyond limitation, fear and struggle in the simple awareness of Love's transformative power.

Only Unconditional love
    *undoes negative, limiting beliefs and replaces them with the truth of who you are
    *transforms fear into peace, connection and truth
    *heals pain, eliminates stress and suffering effortlessly
    *reveals all the information you need in the moment to act in the highest good for your
     self and others

This retreat includes presentations, experiential processes, sacred music, guided meditations, nature walk and silent times for reflection and integration. It is a  celebration of your heart and soul to heal all that is out of balance.

 Retreats are most effective when combined with phone sessions before and after.

“Of all the workshops I ever attended, yours was the most incredibly simple and powerful.”

- Heather M.


"It was a wonderful break from the “having to do something” spirituality type teachings. Jeff is a compassionate teacher with a wealth of skills and depth of knowledge. He is also fun. His excellent listening and facilitator skills are evident from the start. I believe this is a retreat you won’t want to miss." 

- Linda 


"I have had a great transformation in my life since the retreat ... I am at a very wonderful place in my life right now and have everything in the future to look forward to with great anticipation.  I know that my life will continue to get better and better, healthier and healthier and even more filled with peace, kindness and compassion... thank you to you for getting me started on my path to bringing out my true self more than ever before." 

- Mark


 Call or e-mail now for assistance at 208-667-8387 or jeffrey@livingfromyoursoul.com


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