Living From Your Soul by Jeffrey Douglas


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Team Retreat

You will learn how to create more care and respect at work where qualities of trust, healthy communication and inclusion characterize your environment. Find out how to resolve conflicts in a way that not only takes care of the issue but also brings people closer to one another. Learn compassionate and effective ways of dealing with difficult personalities that are significantly affecting a team or critical relationship. See how compassion and heart-fullness at work directly affects resiliency, stress, innovation, productivity and team work.

Jeffrey specializes in the following:

  • How to Create Emotional Safety for Your Team
  • Creating Compassionate Teams
  • How to Answer the Hidden Call of  Difficult Personalities on Your Team
  • Healing the Workplace Hurts That Accumulate Over time and Cause Separation within Your Team
  • Navigating the Universal Journey of Losing Yourself and Finding Yourself at Work
  • How to Remain Centered When You or Your When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed by  Pressure and Stress
  • When You Can't Talk About What You Really Need to Talk About
  • Helping Team Members Talk About What They Really Need to Talk About
  • How to Build More Trust in the Workplace

These retreats are designed to create a level of team engagement that brings everyone to a higher level of connection, support, confidence, ease and empowerment.

Jeffrey has special formats are for teams that are in crisis healing from betrayal, lack of emotional safety, teams that need to remove blocks that have been holding them back from truly working together function better or for teams that are functioning well but want.

Each retreat is uniquely designed to best meet the needs and goals of the group. Retreats are most effective when combined with phone sessions before and after.

 Call or e-mail now for assistance at 208-667-8387 or jeffrey@livingfromyoursoul.com




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